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Jenny Whyte- Cake-Sprite!

Hi all,

This is me, well, as much of me as I like having on camera!


I don’t think my ‘about me’ page is too interesting, pretty cakes are much more exciting, but since you’ve clicked here you must want to know!

I’m a cake designer/decorator with over 14 years experience and in my time I have made literally thousands of cakes.  I love making something a bit new or different and I love passing my knowledge on to others. I believe that everyone has it in them to make something beautiful when given the right encouragement.

I indulge in lots of other craftyness too from bead-work to paper mache and everything else.  There’s nothing I like more than an excuse for a D.I.Y crafty project.

I run an informal craft group with a friend where we all get together and exchange techniques and ideas (and chat, a LOT). I also LOVE to chat 😉

I also LOVE planning weddings with/for friends (but no, I would never do it professionally), it’s the perfect excuse for loads of craft. 🙂  Hopefully I’ll fill up my D.I.Y wedding blog with easy tips to help others do the same.

If there’s anything you’d like me to blog about let me know, I’ll try my best. Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for reading,







2 thoughts on “All about me

  1. I loved my Jenny cake it was Zombietastic….Thank you so much

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