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A long time ago, in a kitchen far away… there were Star wars cupcakes

Star wars cupcakes

Ideal party cakes or gift for any Star wars fan! Super easy.

You will need:

Tools- Small rolling-pin, circle cutter, straight-edged modelling tool, ball ended modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking) sharp (vegetable) knife

Materials- Yellow, blue, red,  brown (2 shades), green (2 shades), grey and white sugar paste, black and white royal icing (optional, can use sugar paste).

Jam to stick the paste to the cupcake. Icing sugar to prevent sticking.

If you prefer the black details can be piped in royal icing, rather than rolled from sugar paste. If so, you will also need a piping nozzle (no1.5-2), a small piping bag or grease proof paper cone, and black royal icing.

Measure the top of your cake against your circle cutters to find the right size to cover the cakes.  Cut the tops off of all the cupcakes to make them flat (If they are very flat to begin with you could skip this step), spread a small amount of jam on each cupcake (just enough to stick the icing, too much might smear out the edges while you’re decorating!).

The method used for covering all the cakes is to cut a circle from rolled out sugar paste, place it on the jammed cake and smooth down gently with the palm of your hand. The instructions below show how to decorate them after the first step


Cover the cake in dark brown.

Roll a small, brown sugar paste ‘sausage’ for the mouth.

Flatten a ball of brown paste into a semi-circle.

Stick the ‘sausage’ and semi-circle together to make his lips and muzzle. Roll a small sausage of white paste.

Taper the ends of the white ‘Sausage’, cut the ends off, add them to the mouth as teeth. Mark a vertical line down the middle of the muzzle with your straight-edged tool.

Add a small, flattened ball of black paste for the nose.  Mark nostrils with the tool.

Roll 2 small black balls for eyes, flatten them and stick them on just above the muzzle at the outer edge.

Roll long, thin ‘sausages’ of brown paste.

Stick the ‘sausages’ on as hair.  Start at the centre bottom of the muzzle and work out. Trim off any excess with a knife.

Continue adding hair around the face, keeping it going from the centre down to the outside edge.

Continue adding until you get to the eyes.

Roll black ‘sausages’, complete the circle of hair in black, then add a few strands of brown ‘hair’ over the black ones.

 Wicket the Ewok

Cover the cake in dark brown.

Roll out some orangy/brown paste. Cut a strip.

Wrap the strip of paste around the circumference of the cake. Don’t worry if it frays or tears, this will add to the look.

Roll 2 small balls of white (or off white/cream) paste.

Stick them on as ears.  Mark the centres with your ball tool. Add fur marks with the straight edged tool.

Make an oval ball of the same (white/off white) paste for his muzzle.

Mark a slit for a mouth with the straight tool and mark fur around the muzzle. Make eye-holes with the ball tool.

Roll 3 small black balls, 2 for eyes and one for the nose.  Roll the nose piece slightly oval. Stick it on and mark nostrils.

Roll a fat ‘sausage’ of the white (ish) paste, stick it over the eyes and mark fur pattern (with the straight tool).

Mark stitch holes in his head dress. Roll a tiny thin ‘sausage’ of black for thread.

Stick the ‘thread’ in to the stitch holes


 Cover the cake in light green.

Flatten a medium ball of the green into a semi-circle, elongate to make a muzzle shape.

Mark a horizontal mouth line.

Roll a small oval ball, add as the nose, mark nostrils.  Mark on some wrinkle lines and the bottom lip.

Roll 2 medium balls of white sugar paste for eyes, flatten onto the cake.

Make 2 black balls of paste for pupils.

Roll a thin sausage of green. Cut into 4 short strands.

Stick the strands on above and below each eye (but on to the eye itself). Mark laughter lines at the outside corners.

Roll a long ‘sausage’ of green.

Lie it over the eyes as a brow. Mark vertical wrinkles. Mark in his cheekbones with your straight-edged tool.

Make 2 tear-drop shapes.

Stick them on the outside of the cake, in line with the tops of the eyes.  Mark the middle of the ears, where they touch the cake with the ball tool.

 Jabba the Hutt

 Cover in light green paste.

Pinch the top of the cake slightly to make a bit of a point. Mark a mouth with your straight-edged tool in 2 curved lines.

Roll a light green ball and flatten it so that it has a slightly pointed end. Stick this on as his chin. Roll a long thin ‘sausage’ of black, fill in the mouth with it.

Roll a ‘sausage’ of green, taper it at both ends.

Stick it on over the mouth as a nose, mark nostrils. Mark a vertical line in the chin.

Roll 2 yellow balls as eyes. Flatten them on to the cake.

Roll 2 tiny ‘sausages’ of black paste, taper them at the ends. Stick on as pupils.

Roll a ‘sausage’ of light green, cut into 4 strands.

Stick the strands on above and below the eyes (but touching the eyes themselves) as eyelids.


 Cover the cake in black.

Roll 2 small yellow balls.  Stick on to the cake about 1/3 from the top as eyes.

Roll out some brown paste.  Cut it into thick strips.

Stick one on across the cake at a curve starting and ending level with the eyes.

Stick another across the cake at a curve, overlapping the edges of the last one. Pinch the top to make the hood shape.

 Gamorrean Guard

 Cover the cake in green.

Roll a pale brown, or pinky brown ‘sausage’. Flatten the ends to broaden them. Stick on to the cake as the mouth.

Make a rounded triangle, stick it on as the nose, mark nostrils and a line from the nose to the mouth.

Roll a green ‘sausage’. Taper in the middle and at either end.

Stick this on in curves as the brow. Roll a white/off-white/yellow ‘sausage’. Taper at both ends and make into teeth/tusks. Stick on either side of the mouth.

Roll 2 small black balls, flatten them on as eyes.

Roll out some grey paste.  Cut 2 small triangles and one slightly larger.

Stick the large triangle on his forehead and the smaller ones on either side of his face to make a helmet.

Roll a fat white/off-white/yellowy ‘sausage’, taper at both ends, shape into horns. Stick on at either side of his helmet.

 Darth Vader

Cover the cake in black.

Roll out some black paste, cut out a triangle.

Stick the triangle on at mouth height, mark vertical lines with your straight-edged tool.

Roll 2 black paste balls, flatten them out and stick them on as eyes.

Cut a semi-circle from the black rolled out paste. Roll out a long, black ‘sausage’.

Stick the semi-circle on the top as his helmet.  Lie the ‘sausage’ over the eyes and out towards the edge of the cake. Lie another piece from the middle of the helmet up to the top.  Add 2 small white dots to the bottom corners of the triangle.


Cover the cake in pale yellow/cream

Mark a slit for the mouth.

Roll a small ‘sausage’ of black paste, fill the mouth with it. Roll 2 large black balls, flatten to dots, stick them on as eyes, mark vertical lines on them.

Make a small, base coloured triangle for the nose.  Mark horizontal lines from the eyes to the outside edge. Roll a large base coloured  ‘sausage’ of base colour, wrap it most of the way around the cake (not the bottom 1/4 where the neck would be). Roll 2 small base coloured ‘sausages’, wrap them around the eyes.


Cover the cake in white.

Roll out some grey icing. Lie it across the top 1/3 of the cake. Cut off the excess around the circumference.

Roll out some blue paste. Cut out 3 large square and 3 small ones.  Stick a large square on as his ‘eye’.

Stick the small ones in a line along the bottom of the grey section. Stick the remaining 2 large squares on the top edge, trim the excess. Make a black dot for the eye.

Cut 3 long strips of blue from the rolled out piece. Stick on across the middle of the cake.

 Boba Fett

 Cover the cake in green.

Roll out some red paste. Cut a strip and place it 1/3 down the cake.  Roll out some black paste, cut a ‘T’ shape. Stick it on the cake just below but touching the red line, with the vertical line centred on the cake.

Cut 2 triangles from the rolled red paste Cut a curve from the long edge of both.

Stick these on under the black ‘T’.


Cover the cake in green.

Roll a green, fat ‘sausage’. Flatten the end into a snout.

Stick the ‘sausage’ on the cake with the snout just overlapping the edge. Roll 2 large blue balls, flatten on to the cake as eyes.

Roll 2 tear-drop shapes.

Stick on as ears. Mark the middles with the ball tool. Roll a ‘sausage’ of green, stick on over the eyes and mark vertical lines on it.

Roll lots of tiny balls of green paste. Stick them on his forehead. Roll a small sausage, cut in half.

Make 2 small balls, flatten them, stick them on to the 1/2 ‘sausages’ as antennae. Stick on to his forehead.

 Storm Trooper

Cover the cake in white.

Roll out black paste, cut a strip. Stick it on about 1/3 down from the top of the cake.

Roll 2 small tear-drops.

Stick them on horizontally as eyes. Roll a ‘sausage’ of white, shape it along under the eyes.

Roll a small ‘sausage’ of black. Taper it at both ends and bend it in the middle, stick on as the mouth.

Roll a fat sausage of white paste. Cut into 2. Lie along the jaw line, leaving a space centre bottom.

Roll a circle of white, cut the bottom edge off to a flat side.  Stick on at the bottom centre. Mark vertical lines.

Have fun!

These cupcakes were made for my friend’s wee boy’s Star Wars pizza party. The birthday cake was this:

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