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Rainbow bright! How to colour sugar paste.







Colouring sugar paste

Getting the right colour sugar paste using paste colour is quite easy if you’re patient and willing to experiment a bit before you start your project. I would recommend paste colours over the liquid and gel varieties because they are more concentrated and can give more intense colour, and they don’t make the sugar paste too moist or sticky.

I prefer the paste colours by ‘Sugarflair’ but there are lots available on-line.

Sugar paste out the pack is sometimes not too pliable and can be hard…

Knead before you colour.



Knead until the paste becomes a smooth ball.


Take a small amount of paste colour on the end of a knife. (If you are making a large amount, or you are unsure of the colour or new to using paste colours it can help to use a small amount of sugar paste to test on, then scale up the amount of paste to the amount of sugar paste you are colouring).

Smear the colour on to the sugar paste and knead it into the middle first, this will prevent too much transfer/stain to the work surface.


Knead until the colour seems even.


(If you want a marbled look, stop kneading here).



Cut through the middle of the paste to check that the colour is even right through (unless you want a marble effect). If it’s not yet even then continue to knead, keep checking until the colour is even.

If the colour is not intense enough add more colour and knead again. If the colour is too intense, add more white sugar paste and knead again.

Once the colour is smooth you are ready to roll/model as required.


Have fun!

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