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Cover girl… the basics of covering a cake in sugar paste

Covering a cake in sugar paste

If you’ve never iced a cake with sugar paste, or you’d like to know how the pro’s do it.

You will need:

Tools- Large sharp knife (such as a bread knife, for cutting cake), small butter knife or palette knife, small sharp knife (such as a vegetable knife), rolling pin, cake smoother (ideally one with one straight edge)

Materials- Cake, jam (frosting optional), cake board, sugar paste (aprox 700g for 9″ cake, see guidance on the sugar paste packaging), icing sugar for dusting.

Once your cake is cool and removed from the tin, cut off the top ‘dome’ of the cake with a large sharp knife to flatten. Turn the cake upside down to use the flatter, bottom surface of the cake as the top.

Cut the cake in half horizontally. Fill with jam (and frosting if required).

Spread jam thinly over the top of your cake (if you are using frosting, spread the frosting all over the cake first).

Spread thinly on the sides too. Take care to clean away all crumbs, jam etc. and dry your work surface thoroughly before working with the sugar paste.

Roll your sugar paste into a large lump. At this stage the paste will look slightly hard and separated.

Dust your work surface lightly with icing sugar. Knead the sugar paste away from you with the heel of your hand until it becomes smooth and easier to work with.

Roll the sugar paste back into a ball.  It should now be smooth and pliable.

I have now coloured this sugar paste (the instructions for colouring paste will follow in another tutorial soon). Turn the lump of sugar paste so that any rough edges and folds are on the bottom.


Roll out your sugar paste away from you in long strokes in one direction.

Turn your paste 90 degrees then roll again to make the flattened piece circular.

Using your rolling pin, measure the size of your piece of paste.

Measure your pin over the cake to make sure the paste will be big enough (remember to include the depth measurement). This is just an estimate to make sure you have enough paste before you place it on the cake, the sugar paste will stretch as you smooth it out.

Position your rolling pin across the middle of your rolled paste.

Fold the top edge across the rolling pin towards you.

Using your rolling pin, lift the icing on to the cake, positioning the rolling pin half way across the top.

Unfold the top half across the cake.

Using your smoother in circular motions, gently flatten the top of the cake.

Run your cupped hand around the edge of the cake tucking in the sides.

If you have any wrinkles forming then open them back out and smooth in again with your hand.

Run a smoother around the sides of your cake. If you have a straight edged smoother use this to press  the bottom edges down onto the board.

Trim off the excess icing with a small sharp knife then run the smoother around again.

Your cake is now ready to decorate! Have fun!

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