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We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow…but today we’ll make some cup cakes! (part 1)

Zoo animal cup cakes (part 1, chimp and koala)

You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle x2, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag) x2, straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking).

Materials- Green (or chosen base colour), grey, ‘skin’ colour (paprika or light brown) white and black sugar paste and black and white royal icing.


Make a medium sized black sugar paste ‘pear’ shape for his body.

Roll 4 short, thick ‘sausages’ of black for his arms and legs. Mark in the middle with your modelling tool to make knees and elbows.

Attach your arms and legs to the body. (Don’t make them to rigid/upright as a slouched effect makes a better chimp!)

Roll a smaller ball for the head, taper slightly towards the top and stick on to the body.

Roll 4 small balls of light brown/flesh for hands and feet.

Mark the fingers and toes with your modelling tool.

Mark a line at the horizontal mid point across the foot to make the arch.

Stick on hands and feet, stick the chimp to the cake.

Roll a small ball of flesh colour, flatten to a circle, stick on to the head.

Roll a smaller ball of flesh colour. Make it slightly tapered towards the top but not quite pear shaped. Stick to the face.

Using your modelling tool, mark a horizontal line for his mouth and mark nostrils.

Mark eye sockets and a ‘widows peak’ on his forehead.

Mark wrinkles for eyebrows.

Pipe in eyes in black. Roll 2 small balls of flesh colour for ears.

Stick the ears to the side of his head and mark centre holes.

Roll small ‘sausages’ of black for his hair.

Position hair across head with a centre parting.


Make a pear shape in grey sugar paste for his body.

Roll 2 pear shapes and flatten them to make his thighs and feet.

Stick to the sides of his body and then mark toes using your modelling tool. Roll a white pear shape and flatten to make his tummy fur. Stick this on with a damp paint brush.

Mark around the edges of his tummy with your modelling tool to make a fur effect.

Roll two ‘sausages’ of grey to make arms. Curve towards his tummy and mark fingers with your modelling tool.

Make a ball for his head, tapering towards the top.

Roll 2 small grey balls of sugar paste and one white.  Flatten the white slightly into an oval for his mouth.

Stick on the ears and mouth. Gently shape the edges of the ears with your modelling tool to create fur.

Mark a horizontal line across his face to make a mouth, mark the eyes and centres of the ears.

Pipe in the ears and eyes in white.

Pipe on a lack, oval nose and eye pupils.

Have fun!

Go to part2- Lemur and skunk

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