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Animal print cup cakes

Wild thing! Animal print cup cake tutorial.

Animal print cup cakes

Super easy animal print cup cakes. Ideal for birthdays, hen nights etc. Try making them in bright/sparkly colours for a more modern, funky effect!

Zebra, tiger, leopard and giraffe.

Zebra, tiger, leopard and giraffe.


You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking).

Materials- orange/light brown and white (or chosen base colour), dark brown sugar paste and black royal icing.

(Reference pictures of your desired animal print will help you to get a more authentic effect)

Zebra/tiger cakes

Cover your cakes in your chosen base colour (white and light orange for natural, pink, purple, blue etc for funkier cakes!).

Using your reference picture for guidance, pipe the first lines onto your cake using a small zig zag motion (to add texture to the lines).  A zebra print often starts from a wishbone shape, a tiger print has long slightly bowed lines coming out from a ‘spine’ of small triangle shapes.

Continue piping zig zag lines in the animal pattern until you have covered the cake.

Leopard cake

After covering your cake, roll several (12 or so) varying sized, small balls of dark brown icing.  Flatten them between your fingers.

Stick your spots on to the cake in a widely spaced, (but not too regular) pattern.

Pipe around the edges.  Leopard spots aren’t regular.  Pipe some all the way round, some 3/4 round, some on both sides without meeting etc.

Pipe some dots between the spots to make smaller dots.


Giraffe cake

After covering your cake in light brown/orange make several small, flat shapes by rolling medium/small balls of brown icing and flattening them between your fingers. Using uneven pressure will make more square/irregular dots.  Aim for more triangular/rectangular shapes than rounded ones.

Stick your shapes on to the cake, fairly regularly spaced, leaving plenty room to pipe around them without the piped lines touching.

Pipe around the edges of all your shapes.

Have fun!

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