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My love is like a red, red rose…large rose tutorial for cakes, cupcakes and more





Rose tutorial Make a lovely icing rose for decorating any cakes or desserts.  These can also be made in clay/polymer clay for a permanent, non-edible decoration.

You will need:

Materials- A small ball of sugar paste in your chosen rose colour. Icing sugar (in a sieve or dredger for sprinkling)

Tools: Sharp knife, plastic sandwich/food bag.

Roll your paste into a small ball for each rose you want to make. Roll it into a cone in your hand. Roll your finger around the edge about 1/3 from the bottom to create a neck as shown. The base part is only used to make shaping easier and is not part of the final design.

Roll a small ball of icing for each rose (a bit smaller than the ‘cone’ on the top of your rose base).

Sprinkle a small amount of icing sugar into your sandwich bag and rub the sides together (to prevent the icing sticking to the bag), if you use too much your rose will be coated with icing sugar, will dry out and won’t stick to other petals.

Holding the bag tightly over the ball of icing, rub your finger around the outer edge across the top half of the ball to create a petal.  This might take a bit practice to get right. If you press too hard it will tear and fray. if you don’t press hard enough you will have chunky petals.

Take your petal and place it behind your cone (with the cone about centre).

Wrap one half of the petal around the cone. It doesn’t matter which direction you wrap in.

Wrap the other side over the first, curl the edge over slightly to give texture.  (If you want to make a rose bud stop here and cut off the rose at the neck, cut at a 45 degree to make it easier to arrange).

Roll another 3 balls of icing per rose and make petals in your sandwich bag as before. Make all 3 petals before moving on to the next stage.

Position a petal half way across the bud as you did with the first petal. Wrap half of the petal around the bud, leave the other half open. Place the second under the first, tuck the 3rd petal under the second then over the first.

Gently squeeze the bottom halves of the petals to the bud to make sure they are well stuck.(If you would like a small rose you could cut the flower off at the neck. Cutting at a 45 degree angle will make it easier to place/arrange on your cake).

Make 4 sugar paste balls per rose and shape into petals in your sandwich bag as in previous steps.

Position the centre of the first petal across the edge of a petal from the last row (so that the petals are off set and not lined up).

Continue placing petals around, tucking each under the previous one.

The last petal should overlap the first.

Pinch gently once or twice on the edge of each petal for texture.

Cut off the base at the neck.  Cut straight if you want the rose facing straight up, or at an angle to have your rose facing forward.

Have fun!

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