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Lily white- super quick and easy calla lily tutorial

Easy lily tutorial

SDC12356Quick and easy sugar paste lilies for cakes, cup cakes and desserts. These can also be made in clay or polymer clay for a permanent, inedible flower display.

You will need:

Materials Small amount of green, yellow and white (or your chosen lily colour) sugar paste. Icing sugar for dusting work surface.

Tools: Circle cutter (aprox 3-4″ diameter), straight edged modelling tool, small rolling pin.

I chose pastel shades for my lily but they work just as well with vibrant colours, especially if you are using a vibrant colour for the petal.

Roll the yellow into a small sausage about 1.5-2″ long and very narrow. Make one for each lily you want to make.

Roll a ball of green sugar paste into a sausage.

Make this sausage about the same width as the yellow ones and at least twice as long.

To make your stems lie the yellow and green sausage end to end on a flat surface and gently roll them together until they stick.

Roll out your white (or lily coloured) sugar paste to almost paper-thin.

Cut circles (half as many as you have stems).

Cut each circle in 2, pinch the centre semi-circle to a point. Trim off the corner where the semi-circle meets the straight edge.

Lie your stem in the centre of the straight edge.

Fold one edge in across the centre and the second edge over the first. Curl what is now the outside edge outward.

Have fun!

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