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Wanna make some old skool tattoo cupcakes? Part one Devil and Heart

Old skool tattoo cup cakes

These tattoo cupcakes are a great alternative to more traditional piped or floral designs.

Tattoo cup cakes

To make 6 cupcakes you will need: Materials- cakes, jam and/or butter cream, a handful of sugar paste in your chosen base colour, (I’ve chosen dark grey as it’s got a retro tattoo look and the black outlines look good against it), a small amount of red and white sugar paste and black and white royal icing.  Tools- mini rolling pin, sharp knife, modelling tool (with a straight edge), small paint brush, 2 number 1.5 piping nozzles, 2 piping bags (or greaseproof paper piping tubes).

This tutorial is for the decoration only.  I will post separate instructions for icing cupcakes later.

Heart and banner

  Make your heart by rolling out your paste thinly (not quite paper thin) and cut a rough heart shape about 2/3 the diameter of your cake. (I find this easiest cutting a ‘v’, marking the centre top and cutting 2 arcs, you could also make a template in paper and cut around).

   Neaten the edges with your moulding tool.

  Stick your heart to the cake with a little water (on your paintbrush).

  Roll your white icing (again, not quite paper thin).

  Cut a strip of icing about the width of your pinky and the length of the   diameter of your cake.

   Cut ribbon ‘tails’ in each end by cutting out a small ‘v’.  Cut the end with a ‘v’ off at about the width of your pinky and place them either side of the heart, about mid way down.

   Use the middle of your strip as the middle ribbon, cut it slightly wider than your heart, stick on with water.

  Take your black piping tube and pipe around all the edges.

(Stay tuned for some tutorials and tips on piping!).

  Pipe your chosen slogan on the ribbon.

  Optional (but really adds to the finished effect).

  Pipe little individual white dots at regular intervals around the edge.

Smoking devil

   Roll a ball of red icing and flatten it into a vaguely oval shape, pointed at one end.

  With your modelling tool, mark dents for the eyes about 2/3 up the head, one at the right edge and one 2/3 across from it.

Mark the mouth, 1/3 up from the bottom, from the right edge to 2/3 across the face.

   Roll a tiny red ball of icing and press on to the face half way between the eyes and the nose.  Using your modelling tool, press the sides of the ball down on to the fact to form a triangular(ish) nose.

      Roll a slightly larger ball of icing, roll one end to a point. Stick on the side of his face.  Mark a hole for the centre of his ear with your modelling tool.

  With your white icing, pipe balls for his eyes and two long lines along his mouth for his teeth.

   With your black icing, pipe his hair in vertical, up down strokes.  Remember the sideburns and widows peak.

    Pipe 2 curved lines for eyebrows, two straight lines for his moustache and vertical lines for his goatee (in the same vertical strokes as you did the hair). Pipe a short broad line for his cigar and pipe a white dot on the end for where it’s lit.


   Pipe smoke, and or horns in white and pipe the outline in black.  Pipe individual white dots around the edge at regular intervals.

That’s part one complete! Stay tuned for the skull, heart and dagger, anchor and rose tutorials.

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